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chinese law training

We offer the first tailor-made training in Chinese law


Risk management is at the heart of Lacamp Law's training courses.


Our primary concern is to give you the keys to make the right decisions.


Our training courses are therefore designed to tackle the issues you are likely to encounter : we identify these and provide you with the solutions to avoid or resolve them.


Prior to January 1st 2015, Chinese court decisions were published only in exceptional cases.


This meant that Chinese law as applied by the courts was largely unknown to both Chinese and foreign lawyers, who could only rely on texts and personal experience.


Chinese courts are now obliged to publish all their decisions. More than 100 million are already available.


This change is a revolution : Chinese law can finally be known.


Mastering it is a major asset in terms of legal certainty.


This new approach is the basis of our training courses.

As the volume of decisions published by Chinese courts is considerable, their use is only effective if one is able to determine their scope, prioritise them and synthesise them.


Our expertise is the result of several years of research and analysis of tens of thousands of decisions.


Our experience has convinced us of one thing : Chinese law is often far removed from the commonplace.


Our aim is to present it to you in a realistic manner, adopting a scientific approach based on the facts.


We take care to warn you when certain issues are uncertain : taking them into account is an important factor in your decision.

Together we build your training programme.


We discuss your needs and determine the detailed content of the training, its duration and the appropriate teaching methods.


The training will then take place at your premises or remotely.

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