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Maître Louis Lacamp heard at the National Assembly on the application of the Egalim 1 Law

Maître Louis Lacamp was heard at the National Assembly following the first condemnation of two Bordeaux trading companies for having bought AOC Médoc wine at a price considered abusively low

French business law firm

The firm advised the first farm in France that took action against its buyers on the basis of Article L. 442-7 of the Commercial Code, which prohibits a buyer from having his supplier of agricultural product or foodstuff charge an abusively low transfer price (for more information, click here).

Following the decision of the Commercial Court of Bordeaux on February 22, 2024, which upheld this action and ordered the buyers to pay more than 350,000 euros in damages to the farm represented by the firm, Maître Louis Lacamp and his client, Mr. Rémi Lacombe, were heard at the National Assembly on this action,  while the issue of a fair income for farmers is at the forefront.

The full hearing can be viewed from 2h09 at this link.


Last updated: April 10th 2024

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