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Book publication:"Dispute resolution clauses under Chinese law"- Larcier Editions

The PhD thesis of Louis Lacamp, relating to the settlement of disputes with China, has just been published by Larcier editions

French litigation lawyer China

This book comes from the doctoral thesis of Louis Lacamp.

It deals with the main clauses intended, under Chinese law, to regulate the resolution of disputes: amicable settlement clauses, jurisdiction clauses, arbitration clauses and applicable law clauses.

Resolutely practical, this book is mainly based on the case law of Chinese courts: more than 1,300 decisions are quoted. Various tables also summarize the conditions of existence and validity, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each dispute resolution clause.


The book interests all companies and their counsels who work, regularly or occasionally, with Chinese companies.

More information is available by clicking on this link.

Last update : Octobre 10th 2023

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